The 10 Best Destinations in Jaisalmer

Rajasthan, the land of kings and vibrant culture, beckons travelers with its enchanting cities, each narrating tales of valor, grandeur, and a rich historical legacy. Among these, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur stand as iconic jewels, showcasing the architectural splendors of Rajasthan. In this guide, we will delve into the best destinations in Jaisalmer, unveiling the magic that this city holds, making it a must-visit destination on your Rajasthan itinerary. For those venturing from Delhi, Jaisalmer tour packages from Delhi offer a curated exploration of these historical and cultural wonders, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience.
Jaisalmer – The Golden City

1. Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort, India Jaisalmer Fort, India
Rising like a golden mirage from the Thar Desert, the Jaisalmer Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a living fort that houses a quarter of the city’s population. The intricate architecture, narrow winding lanes, and stunning views of the surrounding desert make this fort a captivating historical marvel.

2. Patwon Ki Haveli

Patwon Ki Haveli, Jaisalmer Patwon Ki Haveli, Jaisalmer
A cluster of five havelis, Patwon Ki Haveli is a testament to the craftsmanship of the wealthy traders of Jaisalmer. Adorned with intricate carvings and balconies, these havelis provide a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the bygone era.

3. Sam Sand Dunes

Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer
Venture into the golden sands of the Thar Desert with a visit to the Sam Sand Dunes. The vast expanse of dunes, especially during sunset, creates a mesmerizing landscape. Engage in a camel safari or enjoy a cultural performance under the starry desert sky.

4. Gadisar Lake

Gadisar Lake, Jaisalmer Gadisar Lake, Jaisalmer
Built as a water conservation tank, Gadisar Lake is surrounded by temples, ghats, and pavilions. Boating on the lake provides a serene experience, and the architectural beauty of the temples along its banks adds to the charm.

5. Jain Temples

Jain Temples, India Jain Temples, India
The Jain Temples in Jaisalmer, known for their intricate marble carvings, are dedicated to various Tirthankaras. The Parshvanath Temple and the Sambhavnath Temple are among the seven exquisitely crafted temples that showcase the architectural brilliance of the Jain community. 

6. Kuldhara Abandoned Village

Kuldhara Abandoned village Kuldhara Abandoned Village, India
Step into the mystery of the past with a visit to Kuldhara, an abandoned village near Jaisalmer. Legends say that the village was abandoned overnight due to persecution, and it is now a haunting yet intriguing site.   

7. Desert Cultural Centre & Museum

Desert Cultural Centre & Museum Desert cultural centre & museum
For a deeper understanding of the local culture, visit the Desert Cultural Centre and Museum. It houses artifacts, exhibits, and information about the Thar Desert’s flora, fauna, and the traditional way of life of the desert communities.

8. Tanot Mata Temple

Tanot Mata Temple, Jaisalmer Tanot Mata Temple, Rajasthan
Located near the India-Pakistan border, the Tanot Mata Temple is a sacred shrine that holds historical significance. The temple survived bombings during the Indo-Pak wars, and the site stands as a symbol of faith and resilience.

9. Bada Bagh

Bada Bagh, Jaisalmer Bada Bagh, Jaisalmer
Bada Bagh, meaning Big Garden, is a complex of chhatris (cenotaphs) dedicated to the rulers of Jaisalmer. The site offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and is an excellent spot for a peaceful retreat.

10. Thar Heritage Museum

Thar heritage museum, Jaisalmer Thar heritage museum, Jaisalmer
Delve into the history, art, and culture of the Thar Desert at the Thar Heritage Museum. The museum showcases a diverse collection of artifacts, including traditional costumes, utensils, and musical instruments, providing a comprehensive glimpse into the desert’s heritage.